AFMA, a leader in insurance brokerage and consultancy, has taken a significant step forward in its innovation journey by digitalizing its human resources management through the AGIRH solution. This strategic partnership with the HR software provider has enabled AFMA to streamline its processes and focus on talent development.

Nabila Doukkali, AFMA’s Human Resources Director, emphasized the importance of this collaboration: “AGIRH supports us in the continuous improvement of our processes and brings our visions to life.” With the AGIRH portal, employees can now manage their administrative requests, access documents, and handle their leave autonomously. The solution also simplifies payroll management and offers a career evaluation system based on precise criteria.

This digital transformation has allowed the HR department to better identify training needs and plan talent development. Nabila Doukkali, who has over 20 years of experience, has overseen this major project since joining AFMA. She highlights that the partnership with AGIRH has freed the teams from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on talent management and professional development.

Adopting the latest AGIRH features, such as automatic generation of job descriptions and job offers, as well as payroll analysis, demonstrates AFMA’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence. These technological advancements keep AFMA at the forefront of HR practices and enable informed strategic decisions.