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South Africa grapples with devastating rhino poaching crisis

South Africa is facing a severe rhino poaching crisis, driven by a growing demand from certain Asian countries where rhino horns are sought after for their supposed therapeutic benefits in traditional medicine. Recent official statistics...

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland passes away at 88

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, renowned for his roles in "The Dirty Dozen" and the "Hunger Games" series, has died at the age of 88, his son Kiefer Sutherland announced on Thursday. "It is with a...
Amazon to Hire 125,000 Employees across US

Amazon hit with $5.9 million fine over controversial warehouse quotas

Amazon, the online retail giant, has been slapped with a $5.9 million fine for imposing costly production quotas in its warehouses, according to an announcement from the California Labor Commissioner’s office on Tuesday. The quotas...

Polisario’s atrocities in Tindouf camps condemned at UN session

The severe human rights violations in the Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria were strongly condemned during the regular session of the UN's Committee of 24 (C24), held from June 11 to 21 in New...

Polisario’s child soldier scandal under fire at UN meeting

The armed separatist group "Polisario" has come under intense scrutiny for recruiting children from the Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria. This issue was vehemently denounced during the regular session of the UN's Committee of...

Dollar still king, but losing ground: IMF explores global reserve currency trends

The dollar, while continuing to lose ground to non-traditional currencies in global foreign exchange reserves, remains the primary reserve currency, according to a new blog post from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The international financial...

Poverty and social exclusion threaten over 94 million in the EU

In 2023, around 94.6 million people in the European Union (21% of the population) were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to data released by Eurostat on Wednesday. This figure represents a slight...

First death from monkeypox in South Africa sparks urgent response

South Africa has reported its first death linked to monkeypox, an infectious disease transmitted through skin contact, Health Minister Joe Phaahla announced on Wednesday. "This death occurred at Thembisa Hospital, northeast of Johannesburg, as the...

Tanger Med Port on course to break container capacity records

Tanger Med Port is poised for a record-breaking year, as it anticipates handling more than its nominal capacity of nine million containers in 2024. This projection was shared by Rachid Houari, the port's deputy...

Very slow progress in South Africa’s tuberculosis fight

Despite ongoing efforts, South African health authorities have made minimal progress in combating tuberculosis over recent years, casting doubt on the goal of eradicating this deadly disease by 2030. This alarming outlook was shared...

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