A new chapter in French retail unfolds with the grand opening of the first Atacadão store, spearheaded by Zouhair Bennani, CEO of Retail Holding and owner of the LabelVie group. This Brazilian discount powerhouse, already well-established in Morocco through LabelVie, has set up shop in the O’Parinor shopping center in Aulnay-sous-Bois, near Paris.

This ambitious venture, a strategic alliance between Retail Holding and the Carrefour group, aims to revolutionize the shopping experience by offering a vast array of products at unbeatable prices. The Atacadão in Aulnay-sous-Bois, occupying a revamped former Carrefour hypermarket, spans an impressive 10,000 square meters and seeks to attract a diverse clientele, from professionals to everyday shoppers.

The inaugural event drew notable figures, including Brahim Lemseffer, CEO of Retail Holding Europe, and Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour. Bompard highlighted Atacadão’s adaptation to the French market’s specific needs, such as fresh produce, a bakery, and a butcher’s section, catering to local consumer expectations.

However, Atacadão’s arrival in France has not been without controversy. Unions are concerned about the impact of this discount model on employment and working conditions in the retail sector. Additionally, the introduction of halal products by LabelVie, aiming to expand this segment in France, has sparked debates and criticism.

Despite these challenges, Zouhair Bennani remains confident in Atacadão’s potential in France. Drawing on his success in Morocco, where LabelVie already operates several stores under the Atacadão brand, Bennani is banking on a diverse product range and attractive prices to win over French consumers.