In its ranking “The Innovators 2021”, the prestigious American magazine Global Finance has named Attijariwafa bank among the best financial innovation laboratories worldwide.

As an international reference in the field of financial news, it rewards for the 4th edition the innovations advocated, launched and introduced by institutions, laboratories and other fintechs in the seven regions of the world.

With the contribution of industry experts, the chief editors of the monthly Anglo-Saxon, recognize this year Wenov by Attijariwafa bank, the group’s entity entirely dedicated to innovation, as a reference brand in the deployment of innovative and entrepreneurial tools enabling the development of banking solutions as well as new technologies and digital infrastructures of the most inclusive.

Its “WeLab” branch, a real technological laboratory, accelerates the development of new technological innovative concepts with high business added value by carrying out POCs (Proofs Of Concept – tangible proof that a potential product or service can work) while relying on internal talents, men and women of Attijariwafa bank.

Additional branches and instruments, such as “Smart Up & Ideation”, “WeDesign” and “WeCulture”, are deployed to imagine and design tomorrow’s banking experience through disruptive approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, etc. These tools also aim to stimulate employee creativity through a range of acculturation programs. They are carried out in an open and partnership-based way with the ecosystem of incubators, startups, universities and institutional players.

Until today, the entity “Wenov” by Attijariwafa bank, supported by a team of passionate and committed entrepreneurs who continuously develop innovation devices, has collaborated with 120 startups, delivered a hundred POCs and signed several strategic partnerships with its national and international ecosystem.

On the startup corridor, in this case, the financing was possible thanks to partnerships established with incubators or gas pedals such as CEED, the Moroccan Center for Entrepreneurship. “Wenov also works with academics to mentor students and incubate their projects around the themes of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.

Making innovation a strategic lever and an intrinsic value to take up the numerous challenges of its environment, Attijariwafa bank has thus amplified for several years the innovative actions internally and externally.

“The digital revolution is still in its early stages, and teams around the world are currently working to make the future a reality with new ideas,” says Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance, before asserting, “Whether founded by a bank, a university, a consultant, or an NGO, the financial innovation labs on Global Finance’s annual list are the incubator for tomorrow’s solutions.”

Hassane El Bedraoui, Attijariwafa bank’s Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Transformation, Innovation, Technologies and Operations, declared following this consecration: “ We are very honored by the nomination of “Wenov by Attijariwafa bank” as one of the best financial innovation laboratories in the world by the prestigious Global Finance Magazine. This entity, fully dedicated to innovation, offers the Attijariwafa bank group a unique capacity for exploration, experimentation and openness to design and prototype innovative banking experiences and build the bank of tomorrow.

Today’s award testifies the relevance of our President’s vision, which makes innovation a strategic and emblematic axis of Attijariwafa bank and a real lever of value creation for the bank as well as for its Moroccan and African ecosystem.”