The 7th edition of the Assises of the Association of Information Systems Users in Morocco (AUSIM) is set to take place from October 23 to 25 in Marrakech. Under the theme “The Power of Digital: Together Towards a Sustainable and Resilient World,” this major event will gather key players from Morocco’s information systems and digital sectors.

AUSIM 2024 will cover a broad range of topics, emphasizing the role of green technologies and strategies to reduce companies’ carbon footprints. Discussions will also highlight the impacts of digital innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0 on responsible management practices.

The event aims to illustrate how these technological advancements can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient world. According to the organizers, digital technology is positioned as an innovative and effective solution for promoting sustainability and energy efficiency amid escalating environmental challenges.

The event will feature a diverse program, including keynotes, panels, round tables, and networking sessions. The opening evening will facilitate informal exchanges among participants, while the following two days will be dedicated to conferences and workshops. Attendees will hear from thought leaders and industry professionals about the latest advancements in sustainable technologies.

Scientific content will be a prominent feature throughout the event, with sessions dedicated to presenting the latest developments in sustainable technologies. Additionally, the program includes moments of relaxation and conviviality to strengthen the bonds between participants.

Hicham Chiguer, President of AUSIM, expressed pride in the association’s journey and its ability to adapt and innovate while remaining true to its values of performance and resilience. “The Assises, organized biennially since 2012, offer a unique opportunity for industry professionals and leaders to meet, exchange, and share their knowledge and experiences,” he noted.

Founded in 1993, AUSIM has established itself as a key player in Morocco’s digital landscape. Its membership includes leading entities such as government offices, banks, insurance companies, and industrial enterprises. The association actively promotes the development and dissemination of information technology and digital usage in Morocco.

AUSIM also aims to raise awareness about sustainable development issues and promote information technologies as vectors of social, economic, and environmental progress. This commitment is reflected in the theme and content of AUSIM 2024, highlighting the crucial role of digital solutions in addressing global sustainability challenges.