A total of 221,031 candidates enrolled in public and private education institutions have successfully passed the regular June session of the standardized national baccalaureate exam, for a success rate of 68,43%, the Ministry of National Education, vocational training, higher education and scientific research announced on Sunday.

Girls represent 55.54% of the total of candidates who successfully passed this session, the ministry said in a statement, specifying that 116,518 schooled candidates obtained their baccalaureate with honors, that is 52.72% of all baccalaureate holders. The best national average, 19.53/20, was obtained at the level of the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Marrakech-Safi, in the branch of physical sciences, French section.

The success rate for candidates in scientific and technical branches was 66.55% for all candidates who sat for exams, while for literary and traditional education courses, this rate stood at 73.29%. The same rate is 78.35% for the international baccalaureate and 59.52% for the vocational baccalaureate.

For candidates with disabilities who have benefited from the adaptation of exams and correction conditions, the success rate is 67.63%. For free candidates, this rate is around 41.93%, knowing that the attendance rate of the latter reached 60.61%.

The total number of enrolled candidates having to take the remedial session is 92,581 students, against 56,813 for free candidates. This session will take place on July 05 to 08 and the results will be announced on the July 11.