The outstanding bank credit amounted to 986.3 billion dirhams at the end of June 2021, up 3.7% compared to the same period a year earlier, according to Bank Al-Maghrib’s (BAM) “Bank Credits and Deposits” dashboard.

By economic agent, credits to private non-financial companies (NFC) amounted to 407 billion dirhams, up by 4.2%, resulting mainly from the 9.5% increase in their cash facilities, says BAM.

Equipment loans fell by 1.9% and real estate loans by 3.6%, the same source notes.

Loans to households recorded an annual rise of 5.8%, mainly reflecting a 7.1% increase in housing loans.

Participatory financing for housing, particularly in the form of real estate Murabaha, amounted to 14 billion dirhams, compared to 9 billion dirhams a year earlier.

As regards deposits with banks, they recorded, at the end of June, an annual increase of 6.7% to reach MAD 1,039.9 billion, the Central Bank points out.

Household deposits stood at 770.6 billion dirhams, posting an annual increase of 5.1%, with 188.4 billion dirhams held by Moroccans residing abroad, while deposits of priv