BDO Advisory, a leader in digital transformation consulting, has teamed up with HumanOne Cybersecurity, an expert in cybersecurity, to form a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to strengthen the cybersecurity framework for businesses across Morocco and Africa.

This alliance leverages the recognized expertise of HumanOne alongside the innovative technology of Naoris, providing cutting-edge, secure, and decentralized cybersecurity solutions.

“In a constantly evolving digital world, security is a crucial issue. This partnership enhances our ability to protect our clients against cyber threats,” says Zakaria Fahim, Managing Partner at BDO.

Through this collaboration, BDO Digital expands its cybersecurity offerings, incorporating advanced technologies such as post-quantum cryptography and offering innovative services for optimal protection.

HumanOne contributes its expertise in training, auditing, and AI-based solutions, thereby strengthening the digital resilience of businesses. Youssef Marchiche, founder of HumanOne, expresses enthusiasm for this growth and innovation opportunity.

David Carvalho, founding president of Naoris, emphasizes the importance of decentralization for rapid, affordable, and sustainable digital transformation.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step in the fight against cybercrime, providing Moroccan and African businesses with enhanced protection and innovative solutions to ensure their digital security.