On July 3, a key meeting chaired by Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit reviewed Casablanca’s preparations for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. In addition to the Grand Stade Hassan II and the Mohammed V Sports Complex, the city will host the International Broadcast Center (IBC), a crucial component of the event.

International Broadcast Center (IBC) overview

The IBC will serve as the media hub for the global broadcast of the matches. Designed to meet FIFA standards, it will accommodate thousands of professionals and operate 24/7 throughout the competition. Its primary mission is to produce, manage, and disseminate video and radio broadcasts of the matches to a global audience spanning 24 time zones.

Key features and functions

Connected to the stadiums via mobile control rooms and cameras, the IBC will provide broadcasters worldwide with the facilities and services needed to produce and distribute content in all technological formats. The center will offer workspaces, studios, commentator booths, and daily amenities to ensure smooth operations. As a vital nerve center, the IBC will be under tight security to protect sensitive data, ensuring the smooth and successful execution of the World Cup’s media coverage.

Statements and future plans

Following the meeting, Fouzi Lekjaa emphasized that “this meeting is part of a series of gatherings involving all stakeholders, aimed at closely monitoring project developments according to a specific schedule, in preparation for several events to be held in Morocco starting next year.”

He noted that numerous development projects are underway across various sectors and stated, “Moroccans, as always, will rally behind the King to showcase the true image of our country.”

Projects and development

Lekjaa highlighted ongoing projects in multiple domains, underscoring the nation’s collective effort to present Morocco’s best image on the global stage. This mobilization reflects the country’s commitment to hosting a successful and memorable World Cup.