SinaStone has announced the inauguration of its new natural stone factory and showroom in Casablanca. This milestone event, held on July 5 at the new facility, showcased the company’s fresh strategy and visual identity. Distinguished guests included Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade, David Toledano, President of the Federation of Building Materials, Bouchaïb Jama, President of Intersig Group, Adil Ibnoussina, General Manager of SinaStone, and Fatima Zahra Jama, Deputy General Manager of SinaStone, among other key figures in the construction and marble industry.

As a subsidiary of INTERSIG MAROC & KARKACHI, SinaStone specializes in the transformation and enhancement of marble. The new facility, spanning 45,000 square meters, represents a significant investment of 130 million dirhams. Employing 200 people, the factory comprises five main production units: sawing, resin treatment, polishing, cutting, and machining. Each production stage is equipped with both expert human resources and innovative machinery, ensuring optimal efficiency and quality.

The launch event marks a pivotal moment in SinaStone’s growth strategy, aimed at bolstering its national and international market presence. The company is committed to revolutionizing the natural stone sector with a clear mission: “To offer clients the best in quality, diversity, originality, and competitiveness in natural stone products and services.” SinaStone’s long-term vision is to “Structure, democratize, enhance, and promote Moroccan industrial and artisanal know-how in natural stone both nationally and internationally.”

To meet market demands, SinaStone has invested in state-of-the-art installations. The new model factory features advanced technologies such as a 5-axis CNC saw, Scan Image Share, and QR code traceability, distinguishing SinaStone in the marketplace. During the event, Minister Mezzour highlighted the importance of this new factory, noting its international standards and significant contribution to the national industry. He emphasized that the project supports local market needs and strengthens the industrial sovereignty of Morocco, aligning with the directives of King Mohammed VI.

The new factory and showroom are the culmination of years of effort and investment. Designed to offer an immersive experience, the showroom presents products as pieces of natural art, allowing customers to explore SinaStone’s full range in an elegant, modern setting. SinaStone’s dedication to excellence is evident in its extensive range of Moroccan and international natural stones, crafted by master artisans using cutting-edge production infrastructure.

Adil Ibnoussina, General Manager of SinaStone, expressed pride in the new model factory, which meets international standards. He emphasized SinaStone’s ambition to expand its presence across Morocco and acquire new quarries to boost export volumes, thereby showcasing Moroccan craftsmanship and excellence globally.

SinaStone leads nationally with a digital identification system using QR codes, ensuring complete traceability throughout the value chain. This innovation simplifies the reservation and sale of stone slabs, enhancing customer confidence. Additionally, SinaStone adds value to the market with innovations like stone surface texturing and relief treatments. An in-house architectural study office supports clients with comprehensive marble project management, from technical studies to installation, using 2D and 3D simulations based on stock slabs for accurate visualization.

Founded four years ago, SinaStone excels in marble quarrying, transformation, and high-quality natural stone sales. By leveraging Morocco’s natural resources and fostering local and international partnerships, the company contributes significantly to the nation’s economic growth and global prominence. SinaStone’s commitment to quality and competitiveness enables it to undertake iconic projects that blend Moroccan craftsmanship with modern Western techniques, promoting sustainable growth.

SinaStone’s export strategy aims to position Morocco as a key player in the global natural stone trade. By exporting more finished products rather than raw blocks, the company enhances the international reputation of Moroccan expertise. SinaStone actively participates in initiatives like “Export Morocco Now,” aligning with national development strategies.

SinaStone’s new visual identity reflects its strategic ambitions and embodies values of modernity, innovation, and quality. This rebranding aims to boost brand recognition, attract new clients domestically and internationally, and strengthen existing partnerships. The brand is divided into three specialized domains:

  • SURFACES: Marble coverings for walls and floors.
  • PROJECT: Comprehensive design and execution of large-scale turnkey projects.
  • COLLECTION: Design and creation of decorative objects from natural stones.