Changan, the Chinese automobile brand renowned for its Italian design, shows its potential to become a dominant force in the region’s automotive landscape, combining cutting-edge technology with sleek, innovative design to appeal to a broad range of consumers.

Changan has marked a significant milestone in Morocco with the sale of over 100 units in its first month of launch. This achievement sets a new benchmark in the Moroccan automotive industry, demonstrating that quality and innovation can transcend borders and reshape consumer habits. Changan’s unique blend of advanced Chinese technology and stylish Italian design has resonated strongly in a highly competitive market.

A remarkable launch

The launch of Changan in Morocco stands out for several reasons. As a new and previously unknown brand in the Moroccan market, Changan has managed to attract and convince over 100 customers in its first month of sales. This initial success reflects the confidence Moroccan consumers have in the quality of Changan vehicles, as well as in the Bugshan Automotive Group (BAG), the exclusive distributor of several brands in Morocco, including Hyundai, TATA, Dongfeng, and Aston Martin.

Promising future

“We are extremely proud of these results. It shows that our vehicles meet the expectations of Moroccan consumers in terms of design, quality, reliability, and technology,” said Saad Menioui, Brand Director at Changan Morocco. “We are confident that this initial success will continue and that Changan will quickly become a key player in the Moroccan automotive market.”

Expanding distribution network

To meet the growing demand, Changan is expanding its distribution network. The brand plans to open six new sales points by the end of 2024, aiming to reach a total of 13 by 2025. This expansion will ensure that Changan provides accessible and high-quality service to customers throughout the Kingdom.

Changan by the numbers:

  • Global sales: Over 2.5 million vehicles sold in 2023.
  • Market position: Second best-selling Chinese brand worldwide in the passenger vehicle segment.
  • Reliability: Named the “Most Reliable Chinese Brand” by global consulting firm JD Power for two consecutive years.
  • Innovation: Holds the record for the most R&D (research and development) centers among Chinese automotive brands.