The National Social Security Fund (CNSS) has launched an entirely redesigned version of its mobile application, MaCNSS, aimed at revolutionizing the user experience. The new app is designed to be more intuitive and modern, offering significantly simplified navigation and quicker access to essential CNSS services without the need to visit an agency.

Existing features such as certificate issuance, salary declaration tracking, personal information management, and benefit claim monitoring have been optimized for a smoother user experience. Additionally, new functionalities have been introduced to further enhance user engagement, including the ability to download certificates, instant password recovery, and geolocation of CNSS agencies.

Technologically, the app has seen substantial upgrades with the integration of a voice assistant, biometric authentication (fingerprint and FaceID), and push notifications to keep users informed in real-time. To cater to a diverse audience, the application now offers navigation in Arabic.

Initially designed for salaried employees, MaCNSS has evolved to support new categories of insured individuals benefiting from comprehensive medical and social coverage, including self-employed workers and AMO Tadamoun and AMO Achamil policyholders. Currently, nearly 1.9 million MaCNSS accounts have been created by AMO-Tadamon insureds.

To ease the transition to this new version, CNSS has made detailed video tutorials available on its social media platforms, showcasing the new features and explaining how to use them.

Key new features:

1. Account creation and instant password recovery Creating an account on the app is straightforward: users simply enter the required information and follow the instructions. After providing an email and phone number, the insured will receive their login ID and password via SMS instantly.

For more details, you can watch the tutorial video here.

2. TAAWIDATY Service Through the TAAWIDATY service available on the MaCNSS app, insured individuals can easily apply for various CNSS benefits, including family allowances, daily sickness benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, pension requests, and salary contribution recovery. Additionally, users can track the processing of AMO files and various benefits in real-time.

For more details, you can watch the tutorial video here.

3. My Certificates The MA CNSS app allows users to download all certificates provided by the CNSS with just one click. Users can access the “My Certificates” section by clicking the Certificates button at the bottom of the options list or through the menu. Available certificates include:

  • Registration certificate
  • Salary declaration certificate
  • Family allowance certificate
  • Certificate of regular payment of TNS contributions
  • Pension benefit certificate

For more details, you can watch the tutorial video here.

4. My Career Salaried insureds can easily view all data related to their professional career through the MaCNSS app. By accessing the “My Career” section from the menu, users can check the total number of declared days, declaration history, declared salary, and more.

For more details, you can watch the tutorial video here.

With these innovative updates, the CNSS aims to provide a seamless and comprehensive digital experience, ensuring that all insured individuals can manage their social security needs effortlessly and efficiently.