Faced with the upsurge of cases of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health reiterated, Wednesday in Rabat, its call to citizens to respect the restrictive measures to avoid “drastic measures”.

“Citizens must comply with the restrictive measures. Otherwise, we would have to take drastic and control measures,” warned the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, in a statement to the press following the evolution of the epidemiological situation marked by an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19.

On Wednesday, the Ministry counted 1,279 new cases of infection compared to 1,177 recorded on Tuesday. An increase in the number of severe cases was also reported.

The situation is now “very worrying” because the figures published are triple those recorded in recent weeks, he stressed, noting that the competent authorities will do their job very firmly.

The only solution is that everyone strictly observes the precautionary measures in force, namely hygiene, physical distancing and the correct wearing of the mask, noted Ait Taleb.

“We cannot stand idly by in the face of this slackening in the respect of the said measures. We wanted to ease the restrictions because this is a period marked by the summer vacations, the return of Moroccans from abroad and the approach of Aid Al-Adha,” he added.

Vaccinated people should also know that if they do not achieve herd immunity, they are not yet safe from possible contamination: they can be carriers of the virus and contaminate those who are not, he warned.

In this regard, the Minister launched again an appeal to the population to respect the barrier gestures and preventive measures decreed by the authorities to stem the spread of Covid-19.