The National Laboratory of Forensic Science and Technology (LNPST) under the General Directorate for National Security (DGSN) has joined the ranks of the world’s leading forensic laboratories. The LNPST recently achieved the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025 certification, validating its compliance and quality in various specialized forensic fields, including biology, document analysis, fire and explosives investigation, and narcotics.

The certification was granted by the American ANSI National Accreditation Board, renowned for its expertise in evaluating and supporting scientific laboratories. Following a comprehensive audit conducted at the LNPST’s facility in Casablanca, the laboratory’s adherence to international standards in legal and forensic sciences was confirmed, according to a statement from the DGSN.

This rigorous audit, carried out by accredited international experts, meticulously assessed the lab’s adherence to quality standards in conducting forensic analyses. Key areas of focus included the maintenance of scientific and professional ethics, safeguarding personal data confidentiality, and ensuring the accuracy of experimental and expert findings.

The audit also evaluated the management of infrastructure and human resources, the procedures and methods used in forensic examinations, associated risks, and the management, protection, and use of information systems, as detailed in the same statement.

This new accreditation is the culmination of an extensive process initiated by the DGSN in 2016. The primary goal has been the comprehensive modernization of the forensic science system, enhancing its role in criminal investigations to ensure that scientific evidence plays a crucial part in fair trials and upholding public rights and freedoms in police work.

Additionally, this initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations into emerging crimes, particularly those involving advanced criminal techniques and methods.

The process reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of an advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory in Casablanca. Equipped with integrated infrastructure and cutting-edge tools, the facility aligns with the latest internationally recognized standards in criminal investigations. Leveraging its scientific expertise, the lab has maintained its international quality accreditation for the sixth consecutive year and expanded it to cover all specializations and branches of forensic science, the statement concludes.