Al Omrane Fès-Meknès has initiated a significant urban redevelopment project to transform Florence Square, one of the iconic public spaces in the city of Fès. With a budget of 10.58 million dirhams (MDH), this ambitious project aims to rejuvenate this strategic area located along Hassan II Avenue, one of Fès’s main urban thoroughfares.

The project, overseen by Al Omrane Fès-Meknès, is set to be completed within eight months. The renovation of Florence Square is part of the ongoing restoration efforts on Hassan II Avenue, known for its prominent central pedestrian zone.

Central to this redevelopment are the construction of several fountains, with the highlight being a grand fountain standing at four meters tall, featuring animated water jets. These fountains will be clad in marble of various colors, adding elegance and sophistication to the space.

The project also includes the installation of artisanal ambient lighting to enhance the square’s nighttime appeal.

A significant focus on landscaping will see the addition of green spaces, with the planting of shrubs and perennial plants to create a verdant environment for residents and visitors to enjoy.

According to Al Omrane Fès, the project will involve a variety of extensive works. The initial phase will include preparatory activities such as the removal of unsuitable materials and the layout of the site by a certified surveyor. This will be followed by earthworks, the installation of concrete curbs, and the implementation of the ambient lighting network.

The project also involves the installation of sanitation pipes and materials for surface coverings. The addition of urban furniture and play areas will complete the development, creating functional and welcoming spaces for public use.

Special attention will be given to managing existing underground networks (water, electricity, telephone) to integrate new installations seamlessly. The works will also include constructing inspection chambers and crossings for various networks.

Throughout the project, quality and durability will be ensured through continuous checks. Resistance and waterproofing tests will be conducted on the various structures to guarantee their integrity.

The redevelopment of Florence Square is part of a broader initiative to enhance Fès’s urban heritage. Upon completion, the project will restore the area, including roads, sidewalks, and curbs, to their original condition.