Financial investors anticipate that Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) will keep its key interest rate unchanged during the upcoming monetary policy meeting scheduled for June 25, according to a survey conducted by Attijari Global Research (AGR).

“We observe an almost unanimous consensus among investors in Morocco favoring the stability of Bank Al-Maghrib’s key interest rate,” states AGR in its recent “Research report – Strategy.” The survey was conducted among a sample of 35 of the most influential investors in the Moroccan financial market.

Based on the responses obtained, there is a 93% probability of the key interest rate remaining unchanged, compared to a 7% chance of a 25 basis points (bps) reduction. The probability of an increase in the key rate is considered null, according to the report. The analysis of responses by investor category reveals that “Local Institutional Investors” and “Key Market Players” unanimously support the scenario of rate stability.

“Foreign Investors” assign a 95% probability to the status quo scenario, with only a 5% chance for a 25 bps reduction.

Similarly, “Individual Investors” assign a 67% probability to the scenario of maintaining the key interest rate unchanged, compared to a 33% probability of a 25 bps reduction.