The 8th annual meeting of the National Federation of Agents and Brokers of Morocco (FNACAM) is set to take place on June 6th in Casablanca. This year’s event will focus on the theme “The Future of Insurance Intermediaries: Between the Generalization of Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO) and New Careers for the Distribution Network.” This significant gathering will bring together key players and experts in the insurance sector to discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of the profession.

The primary topic of this edition is the broad implementation of Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO) and its impact on insurance intermediaries. Renowned speakers will address the main challenges faced by intermediaries and share insights on potential solutions to protect and strengthen the profession. Additionally, the diversification of roles within the distribution network will be explored, highlighting opportunities for professionals to expand their skills and explore new growth avenues.

Mr. Farid BENSAID, President of FNACAM, emphasized the significance of this development: “The generalization of Mandatory Health Insurance represents a decisive turning point for our profession. The shift to AMO, expected in the coming years, will significantly impact intermediaries whose portfolios are heavily reliant on health insurance. It is crucial that we anticipate this change and adapt to prevent intermediaries from suffering major setbacks. FNACAM aims to propose concrete measures to the sector to mitigate the effects of this mandatory transition to AMO. Simultaneously, the diversification of roles within the network of agents and brokers offers promising prospects for the future of our intermediaries and could serve as an alternative to offset future losses. These new services will enhance our ability to meet the evolving needs of the market. As we approach the release of the new version of Book IV, FNACAM must continue to champion the cause of all intermediaries, whether they are agents or brokers, large or small.”