The Royal Moroccan Federation of Classic Vehicles (FRMVE) organized a National Classic Car Rally in the cities of Mohammedia and Benslimane on Saturday. This sporting event commemorates the 25th anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s ascension to the throne.

A festive start in Mohammedia

The rally kicked off from the Prince Héritier Moulay El Hassan Park in Mohammedia, attracting various national clubs and associations from across the Kingdom. The event saw a diverse assembly of over 100 classic vehicles from different Moroccan cities, according to FRMVE President Sghir Zinoun.

Celebrating national heritage

In a statement to the press, Zinoun emphasized that the rally is a significant sporting event that not only celebrates the 25th Throne Day anniversary but also brings together enthusiasts and admirers of classic vehicles, a true national heritage. The rally featured a parade of various types and models of classic cars, including several international entries. This event underscores the FRMVE’s commitment to honoring this cherished national anniversary.

Participant pride and new museum inauguration

Participant Ismaël El Akid expressed his pride in being part of this major national sporting event, which aligns with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Throne Day. Additionally, the event marked the inauguration of a museum dedicated to classic vehicles. The FRMVE also highlighted its achievements at both national and international levels during the event.