Morocco’s Central Bank (Bank Al-Maghrib-BAM) governor Abdellatif Jouahri was ranked among the top 10 best central bankers, according to the American magazine ‘Global Finance’ latest ranking.

Governor Jouahri was graded “A” by the magazine on its 26th annual report “Central Banker Report Cards 2020” based on the central bank responses to the high-stress conditions wrought by BAM.

The annual report grades central bank governors of some 101 countries, including the European Union, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Bank of Central African States, and the Central Bank of West African States.

Other central bankers graded “A” are Roberto Campos Neto (Brazil), Dimitar Radev (Bulgaria), Tiff Macklem (Canada), Mario Marcel Cullell (Chile), Yi Gang (China), Jiri Rusnok (Czech Republic), Tarek Amer (Egypt), Christine Lagarde (European Union), Mohammad Yousef Al-Hashel (Kuwait).