The government council, which convened on Monday under the chairmanship of the head of government Saad Edine Otmani, adopted draft decree no 2.21.642 implementing articles 32 and 35 of law no 13.21 on the legal use of cannabis.

A press release issued at the end of the Council, held by videoconference, said that after the adoption of the aforementioned law and its publication in the official bulletin (NO 7006, dated July 22, 2021) legalizing the various activities related to cannabis, the National Agency for Cannabis-Related Activities Regulation was set up in accordance with this law, in particular its article 31.

In this context, and in application of articles 32 and 35 of law 13.21, the draft decree, in its first article, specifically designated the party in charge of supervising the agency, namely the Interior Ministry, while taking into consideration the powers and responsibilities applied to public establishments. The text also determines, in its 2nd article, the composition of the agency where the various departments and divisions concerned will be represented.