The Competition Council has approved the acquisition of Medi1 TV by the National Broadcasting Corporation (SNRT). This decision represents a pivotal step in strengthening Morocco’s public audiovisual sector.

Announced last May, this acquisition is part of a broader strategy to reorganize the audiovisual landscape initiated in 2021. The aim is to create a more efficient public broadcasting entity with a viable economic model, encompassing SNRT, 2M, and Medi1 TV.

By integrating Medi1 TV, SNRT will enhance its content offerings and diversify its broadcasting channels, fostering a richer representation of Morocco’s cultural and linguistic diversity.

The Competition Council determined that this merger does not harm competition in the Moroccan audiovisual market. It emphasized the importance of maintaining diverse content offerings and ensuring access to a pluralistic information landscape.

This decision paves the way for the emergence of a significant player in Moroccan broadcasting, capable of competing with private channels and meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding audience.