Havas MadCom, a leading agency in integrated communication, announces the revamp of its management and a series of major strategic changes to bolster its presence in the African market and better serve its partners.

Leveraging its partnership with the Havas Group since 2018, Havas MadCom has cultivated sharp expertise across various sectors, spanning from consumer goods to financial services, transportation, and hospitality across thirty African countries.

In line with this evolution, Havas MadCom has overhauled its management by assembling a team of experts, each boasting nearly two decades of experience in the field, ready to tackle the challenges of the African market. Under the leadership of Youssef Tazi, CEO and founder of Havas MadCom, this team will bring strategic vision and informed leadership to steer the company to new heights.

Furthermore, Havas MadCom announces the implementation of an organizational structure centered around three key pillars, namely Havas Creative, Havas Events, and Havas Media. This restructuring will enable better service integration and process optimization, ensuring a more comprehensive offering and an agile response to client needs.

The three pillars are defined as follows:

– Havas Creative, focusing on communication consultancy, branding, and digital under the direction of Lilia Rachedi.
– Havas Events, led by Amine Fawzi, specializing in organizing impactful events and internal communication.
– Havas Media, under the responsibility of Nasma Rherras, handling media consultancy and planning.

To accompany the modernization of its structure, Havas MadCom has also unveiled a new headquarters in Casablanca, the Havas Village, designed to bring together all communication expertise. “This modern facility is not just a change of address, but a symbol of the agency’s growing ambition, which has seen its workforce increase significantly in recent years,” says Youssef Tazi.

Located in the heart of the economic capital, near the CFC center, the Havas Village reflects the agency’s values and demonstrates its commitment to innovation and the dynamism of the African market.

“These new offices offer us the opportunity to integrate all communication disciplines to address numerous challenges seamlessly and coherently, without interruption. Moreover, being located in the center of Casablanca will enable us to expand our presence and provide comprehensive support to our partners in Morocco and across the continent,” explains Youssef Tazi.

As a strategic hub towards the African continent, Havas MadCom capitalizes on Havas’s extensive agency network in Africa, thus benefiting from unparalleled local expertise and an extensive presence on the ground.

The agency also leverages the international reach of the Vivendi Group, owner of Havas, which offers a unique brand content experience to brands by providing privileged access:

– To the largest music catalog in Africa with Universal Music Africa.
– To Canal Olympia performance venues and conference halls, present in 17 cities in Africa and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.