LabelVie, the franchise owner of Carrefour in Morocco, aims to optimize forecasting and replenishment for its 180 stores and 8 distribution centers. With the innovative solution from Relex, LabelVie is embarking on a major transformation of its supply chain.

Relex will enable LabelVie to automate and refine its demand forecasting processes, optimize stock levels both in stores and warehouses, and improve collaboration with suppliers. Using advanced algorithms, the solution takes into account multiple factors such as seasonal trends, promotions, local events, and real-time sales data to generate accurate and reliable forecasts.

LabelVie aims to revolutionize its operations with Relex by:

Enhancing product availability: By reducing stockouts and overstock, LabelVie ensures that customers have constant access to a wide range of fresh and quality products.

Optimizing costs: By reducing food waste and improving logistics efficiency, LabelVie can achieve substantial savings.

Strengthening supplier collaboration: By sharing more accurate sales forecasts, LabelVie enables its partners to better anticipate demand and optimize their production.

Improving customer experience: By ensuring product availability and offering a range tailored to local needs, LabelVie enhances customer satisfaction.

This partnership with Relex marks a decisive turning point in LabelVie’s strategy, aiming for operational excellence and customer satisfaction while contributing to a more sustainable future.