The launch of the fill-finish manufacturing of Covid-19 Vaccine in Morocco is a “big step” forward to position the Kingdom among emerging countries, Japan’s ambassador to Morocco, Takashi Shinozuka, said Wednesday in Rabat.

By this move, Morocco has once more demonstrated its willingness to assist African countries in their efforts to fight against the virus and to overcome the challenges related to the impact of the health crisis, Shinozuka told MAP TV channel (M24).

“Thanks to the personal involvement of HM King Mohammed VI, the vaccine manufacturing project in Morocco is becoming a reality and things are already underway to achieve herd immunity and help African countries fight against the virus,” said the ambassador, who attended MAP Forum.

“Japanese companies are right to see that Morocco is a great gateway to the African continent,” he noted, underlining his country’s interest to develop a partnership with the Kingdom.

The diplomat said he was “impressed by the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the new Development Model, which is the result of a “great collective intellectual work” in consultation with Moroccans to address the health crisis and its social and economic impact.

“We are optimistic about the resilience of Moroccan society, which has a long history” marked by the involvement of all stakeholders to address challenges, he noted, highlighting the various aspects of the report.

In this regard, Shinozuka quoted some innovative aspects of the report namely the reconciliation between a strong state and a strong society, the public-private partnership for harmonious development and the contribution of expatriates to address challenges.