With the Dakhla Atlantic “mega project”, Morocco is pursuing its port construction policy in order to “foster its role as a continental and international economic crossroads”, writes the pan-African magazine “Jeune Afrique” on Saturday.

For the Atlantic coast, after those of Mohammedia, Casablanca, Jorf Lasfar and the new port of Safi, among others, Morocco is now preparing for the construction of a port complex in Dakhla, a “strategic project for the development of the southern provinces of the Kingdom as in its African policy, writes the magazine.

On the Mediterranean, after the success of Tangier Med, which is now the first container port in the basin, the “Moroccan supremacy” should soon be reinforced by the start of the activities of Nador West Med, underlines Jeune Afrique in an article entitled “Morocco: Dakhla Atlantic, a strategic stopover for West Africa”.

Considered a gateway to West Africa, the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region is called upon, thanks to the future Dakhla Atlantic port, to become a major regional hub, notes the magazine. This mega project imagined in 2016 plays a “strategic role”, both in the African policy of the Kingdom and in the economic, social and industrial development of the southern provinces, adds the pan-African magazine.