The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) has released its report on the profile of stock market investors for the first quarter of 2024, revealing several key trends:

  1. Collective investment schemes lead the market: Collective Investment Schemes (OPCVM) dominated the stock market with purchases amounting to 4.6 billion dirhams (MMDH) and sales totaling 3.1 MMDH.
  2. Moroccan legal entities as net sellers: Moroccan corporate entities were net sellers, with sales reaching 3.2 MMDH against purchases of 3.1 MMDH.
  3. Surge in individual investors: Moroccan individual investors significantly increased their stock purchases, which were 4.8 times higher than Q1 2023 and 65% higher than Q4 2023, totaling 2.7 MMDH.
  4. Bank network investors’ activity: Investors operating through the banking network increased their purchases by 55% compared to Q4 2023 and tripled their Q1 2023 figures. Their sales surged by 78.3% compared to Q4 2023 and increased 6.3 times compared to Q1 2023.
  5. Foreign institutional investors: Foreign institutional investors conducted 511 million dirhams (MDH) in purchases and 992 MDH in sales.