LabelVie Group recently hosted its Capital Market Day, a dedicated event to present its vision for 2028 and development strategy.

“We are delighted to have organized this Capital Market Day, a prime opportunity to share our strategic development vision for 2028 with our shareholders and investors. This clear and ambitious strategy aims to accelerate our growth in Morocco and seize international opportunities while maintaining high profitability and stable financial balances. Our vision is to continue transforming the retail landscape in Morocco by offering accessible, modern, and tailored stores for every citizen. With the unwavering commitment and support of our teams, partners, and shareholders, we are confident in achieving our goals and generating sustainable value for all our stakeholders,” said Mr. Rachid Hadni, Chairman of the Board.

LabelVie: A new chapter in modern retail

With nearly 40 years of expertise in modern distribution and solid fundamentals, LabelVie is embarking on a new chapter in its history. After consolidating its multi-format, omnichannel business model, the Group aims to accelerate its growth momentum in Morocco through a robust expansion strategy while preserving profitability ratios and financial stability. This strategy will be realized through specific objectives for 2028:

  • Revenue growth: Doubling revenue to nearly 28 billion DH from 14 billion DH in 2023, with an average annual growth of 15% driven by organic growth and new store openings.
  • EBITDA margin: Maintaining a high EBITDA margin around 9.3% of sales, thanks to economies of scale and improved operational excellence from the Group’s transformation and modernization plan.
  • Debt ratio management: Keeping the net debt ratio below 50%, supported by improved cash flows generated by the business.

Strategic pillars for 2028

To achieve its ambitious goals, LabelVie’s strategy revolves around three key pillars:

  1. Accelerate multi-format, omnichannel, and multi-market expansion: By 2028, the Group plans to speed up its expansion, particularly in high-growth formats, to meet the needs of all customer categories and enhance its proximity.
  2. Innovate and transform core businesses: To support its strategy and ensure success, the Group will invest in its transformation using AI-based tools, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer knowledge.
  3. Strengthen citizen and responsible actor role: LabelVie is set to launch a new ESG strategy to strengthen and structure its role as a leading citizen and responsible actor, contributing to national economic and social development.

Additionally, LabelVie aims to explore new markets and seize international growth opportunities. This strategy will be approached progressively, with targeted and controlled steps.