The ministry of Health on Tuesday launched in Salé the second digital and integrated vaccination center at the national level, as part of the acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Built on an area of 2,200 m², this vaccination center, located in Bab Lamrissa district, will ensure the vaccination of 3,000 to 4,000 people per day through a fully digital process.

A QR code system allows the traceability of citizens throughout the vaccination circuit, from registration, through screening, to injection in a way that facilitates the monitoring of the pace of the process on a daily basis. The data thus collected will be used to analyze the number of patients screened, vaccinated and treated, as well as determine the duration of each operation, the ministry of Health has said.

The center includes several units in order to safeguard the health safety of citizens and optimize the vaccination operation, such as a waiting room, a COVID-19 screening unit, an examination room and vaccination posts. The first digital and integrated vaccination center in Morocco was recently inaugurated in the province of Nouaceur, more precisely in Errahma district.