Les Domaines Agricoles are launching, the week of June 5, 2021, a vast annual program of planting 2,500 trees. This initiative is part of the international movement sponsored by the UN “#GenerationRestauration” which aims to make peace with nature: the objectives of the United Nations Decade for the restoration of ecosystems aim to prevent and end to the degradation of ecosystems, a major cause of climate change and the massive extinction of flora and fauna.

Launched under the hashtag #LesDomainesEngagés and the leitmotif “One employee, One Tree”, the environmental protection awareness program implemented by Les Domaines Agricoles involves all of its employees for planting in areas uncultivable argan trees, carob trees and cacti.

These endemic species, resilient to drought and consuming little water, by storing CO2, limit the impact of global warming and do good for our planet. The Group is also implementing a Charter of Good Ecological Conduct and distributing a video dedicated to raising environmental awareness in general.

This initiative draws its essence from the Group’s Sustainable Development Charter, whose founding principles have made it possible to identify three areas of development which are at the heart of the company’s environmental and social policy: compliance with the most environmental standards and benchmarks. strict, the sustainability of the company’s production systems and the consequent reduction of the impact of the Group’s activities on the environment.

In order to achieve its objectives, Les Domaines Agricoles have adopted an ethical and responsible approach that is both forward-looking and long-term.

It aims to respect Man and Nature through, on the one hand, the protection of the environment for future generations, while placing, on the other hand, the social and societal aspect at the heart of its activities. . This double commitment is reinforced by an eco-responsible governance integrated into the entire scale of values ​​that drives the overall management of the company.

It is in this sense that Les Domaines Agricoles has undertaken numerous structuring actions that reflect its commitment and its strategic objectives, including, in particular:

  • solid waste management by sorting, collecting and recycling waste;
  • composting through the recovery of organic waste;
  • energy efficiency by optimizing energy consumption at its sites;
  • the use of renewable energies;
  • optimized management of water resources;
  • reasoned agriculture and animal husbandry by reducing the use of chemical inputs and focusing on consumer health and safety;
  • the practice of glyphosate-free agriculture and soy-free livestock farming ;;
  • reforestation of uncultivated areas
  • biological control through the use of auxiliaries (friendly insects);
  • social and societal commitment in the areas where it operates.

Forerunners of organic farming, Les Domaines Agricoles offer a diverse range of organic products that make it one of the main players in organic farming in Morocco. Between citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables, cereals, olive and argan oils, aromatic plants and aquaculture, the Group offers more than a hundred certified organic products.