The project to establish vaccine manufacturing capacities in Morocco, whose memorandum of understanding was signed on Monday under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI, is in line with the Kingdom’s health strategy, said CEO of the Swedish company “Recipharm”, Marc Funk.

Speaking at the ceremony of launching and signing of agreements related to the project of fill-finish manufacturing of the anti-Covid19 vaccine and other vaccines in Morocco, Funk stressed that the project of the company Recipharm in Morocco aims to increase the possibilities of access to immunization campaigns, whether they are preventive, endemic or pandemic.

Recipharm’s contribution aims to demonstrate that Morocco will be, as soon as possible, “the first center of excellence for the filling of parenteral injectable vaccines at the service of the Moroccan people and the African continent”, added Funk, noting that Recipharm will help pursue the ambition by creating in a second phase the manufacture of complete vaccines (active form and filling) in partnership with innovative companies in the field.

Reiterating Recipharm’s commitment to the Royal Initiative for the production of vaccines and biotherapies, Funk said that his group will assist in piloting the construction of the vaccine filling plant.

It will also contribute to the training of work teams in Morocco and Europe in the Recipharm factories, the transfer of manufacturing technologies in clean room and adequate know-how, the management of the plant in Morocco and the guarantee of the quality of manufactured batches, he stressed.

Regarding the health, social and economic impact of the project, Funk said that Recipharm will contribute to the improvement of the health security of the Moroccan people, as well as promote exchanges with African partner States by exporting as soon as possible the future vaccines needed to anticipate future waves of endemic or pandemic infectious diseases.

This project will contribute to the setting up of a Moroccan skills center for the manufacture of future vaccines according to the “Public-Private Partnership” model, as well as to the creation of jobs and the development of expertise in the sector.

Recipharm is the fifth largest drug manufacturing group in the world, with more than 30 plants in various countries around the world.