The Moroccan Games and Sports Authority (MDJS) and the Moroccan Sports Press Association (AMPS) have renewed their partnership agreement. This collaboration, which started in 2010, aims to support AMPS activities and promote national sports.

Younes El Mechrafi, Director General of MDJS, expressed pride in this partnership, emphasizing its significance for events like the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) and the 2030 World Cup. “The renewal of this partnership confirms the relationship of trust and shared values between MDJS and AMPS, and by extension, with the Moroccan sports media community. This strengthened partnership will serve to promote national sports causes such as the 2025 CAN and the 2030 World Cup,” he stated.

Badreddine El Idrissi, President of AMPS, also praised the partnership as exemplary, highlighting MDJS’s advancements in governance, transparency, and innovations for responsible betting. “In recent years, MDJS, as a civic institution, has made significant progress at all levels. This includes increased annual support to the National Sports Development Fund (FNDS) through effective governance, transparent spending, and relevant strategies, along with a series of innovations for a responsible betting system that complies with international standards, while combating all forms of illegal practices,” he said. He also emphasized the importance of ratifying the Macolin Convention to fight against the manipulation of sports competitions.