Moov Africa Gabon Telecom, a subsidiary of the Maroc Telecom Group and a leading telecommunications operator in Gabon, has been awarded the coveted IFACI professional certification by the French Institute of Internal Audit and Control.

This esteemed recognition confirms that the company’s internal audit activities comply with the most stringent international standards, including the Professional Internal Audit Framework (RPAI) and the International Professional Practices Framework (CRIPP).

The certification acknowledges Moov Africa Gabon Telecom’s operational excellence, the professionalism of its audit teams, and its ongoing commitment to robust governance, effective risk management, and impeccable internal control.

This achievement marks Moov Africa Gabon Telecom as the first Gabonese company and the first subsidiary of the Maroc Telecom Group to earn this distinction, following a particularly rigorous evaluation conducted with complete independence and impartiality.