Morocco is one of the pioneering countries in the fight against climate change and the creation of conditions adequate for sustainable development, thanks to its institutional commitment to climate issues, said, on Friday, the expert in environmental and spatial issues Jalal El Maâti.

According to El Maâti, who was the guest of the morning show of Moroccan radio channel “RIM RADIO”, this remark emanates from the positive evolution displayed by the environment and sustainable development sectors in Morocco, “something that has given climate issues the importance they deserve”.

Morocco’s pioneering place in this area is also due to its commitment, during the various UN climate summits, to reduce its CO² emissions by 45% by 2030 in order to curb the impact of climate change, he said.

Morocco’s commitment in this area was also reflected in the 2011 Constitution which introduced a new generation of rights, including that of living in a healthy environment, added El Maâti, noting that this constitutional asset constituted a major accomplishment in this area.

Morocco also adopted in 2014 the framework law on the “National Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development” which enacted, in its article 14, the incorporation of sustainable development into sectoral public policies as well as the adoption of a national strategy for sustainable development, said the Moroccan expert.