A new draft decree, recently submitted to the General Secretariat of the Government, seeks to establish stricter regulations for electric scooters and tricycles. This move, in line with the provisions of Law 52.05 on the Highway Code, aims to bolster road safety and streamline administrative procedures within the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA), according to Al Akhbar.

Key points of the decree

The draft provides clarity on the definitions of “motorized personal mobility device” and “pedal-assisted bicycle.” A motorized personal mobility device is described as a vehicle without a seat, intended solely for transporting one person, not for carrying goods, with a speed capability exceeding 25 km/h but less than 60 km/h. In contrast, a pedal-assisted bicycle is defined as a two-wheeled vehicle equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 250 watts, capable of reaching speeds of 25 km/h.

Safety equipment and technical specifications

The decree mandates that owners of these vehicles must equip them with position lights, a white front headlight, and a rear light to ensure safe driving both day and night. Additionally, the draft sets standards for the weight, dimensions, and technical characteristics of vehicles used for transportation.