The anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign is now open to people with allergies, breastfeeding women and pregnant women from the fourth month of pregnancy, the Ministry of Health has announced.

This decision is made on the basis of the latest international scientific data and the recommendations of the National Scientific Committee on Vaccination, according to which breastfeeding women and pregnant women, from the fourth month of pregnancy, can have access to the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, said the ministry in a statement on Thursday.

The scientific committee in charge of the national vaccination strategy against Covid-19 lifted the contraindications to the vaccine for people suffering from allergies, except for severe anaphylactic shocks (anaphylactic shock and angioedema), specified the ministry.

It also called on all targeted categories to continue their commitment to this major national project, with the aim of achieving collective immunity, while insisting on the need to continue respecting preventive measures before, during and after vaccination.