Morocco has seen a modest rise in new car sales, with 64,918 units sold by the end of May 2024, marking a 1.39% increase compared to the same period last year, according to the Moroccan Association of Automotive Importers (AIVAM).
Breaking down the figures, new registrations of passenger vehicles (PV) slightly decreased by 0.29%, totaling 58,193 units. In contrast, the sales of light commercial vehicles (LCV) surged by 18.82%, reaching 6,725 units, as reported by AIVAM in their latest monthly statistics.
In the passenger vehicle segment, the brand “Dacia” maintained its dominance with a market share of 26.16%, translating to 15,225 new registrations since the start of the year. Renault followed with 9,000 units sold, holding a market share of 15.47%, while Hyundai captured 8.22% of the market with 4,786 units sold.
As for light commercial vehicles, Renault significantly boosted its sales by 46.07%, selling 1,782 units and securing a 26.50% market share. Ford’s sales climbed to 922 units, representing a 13.71% market share, and DFSK followed with 766 units, accounting for 11.39% of the market.
In the premium segment, Audi led with a market share of 3.17%, selling 1,845 cars. BMW came next with a 2.77% market share and 1,612 units sold, while Mercedes-Benz held a 2.13% market share with 1,238 units sold.
Porsche showed impressive growth, selling 276 units by the end of May 2024, a 43.01% increase from the same period in 2023. Conversely, Jaguar’s sales declined by 14%, with only 43 cars sold.
In May 2024 alone, the sales statistics reveal that 15,970 units were sold in the PV and LCV segments combined, an 8.46% increase compared to the 14,725 units sold in May 2023.