Royal Initiative Launches Advanced Hospitals in Al Hoceima and Kenitra. His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, has ordered the opening of the Mohammed VI Hospital in Al Hoceima province and the Zemmouri Hospital in Kenitra province. These facilities will now provide healthcare services to citizens following the completion of their construction.

This initiative is part of the King’s ongoing efforts to reform and upgrade Morocco’s healthcare system, enhance medical care, and ensure quality healthcare services are accessible to citizens across the nation, as stated in a release from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

These hospitals are part of a series of major health projects launched in recent years aimed at restructuring the national health system in line with the broader social protection expansion and service improvement goals.

With capacities of 250 and 450 beds respectively, the Mohammed VI Hospital and the Zemmouri Hospital will significantly improve healthcare quality in their regions. They aim to provide high-quality, accessible medical and social infrastructure to meet the healthcare needs of local populations.

Equipped with the latest biomedical technology and advanced digital systems for managing patient medical records, these hospitals enable healthcare professionals to access patient data immediately, enhancing the speed and quality of medical services provided, the statement highlighted.

These projects demonstrate King Mohammed VI’s dedication to the health sector, focusing on modernizing hospital infrastructure and improving the quality and accessibility of basic medical services. They also reflect Morocco’s commitment, under His Majesty’s leadership, to developing the national health system and ensuring that all citizens have access to quality healthcare services across the country.

Furthermore, the establishment of these hospitals underscores King Mohammed VI’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Moroccans and positioning the national health system as a regional and international model, solidifying Morocco’s status as a leader in healthcare provision.