The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, the National Broadcasting and Television Company (SNRT) and the British Council in Morocco signed, Monday in Rabat, a partnership agreement for airing a new radio program for learning the English language, starting next September.

This program, called “English Time” and aimed at young learners, consists of 43 episodes of 15 minutes each and offers children and their parents the opportunity to practice and apply English, while focusing on basic language skills, said a joint press release.

It was developed following the “remarkable success” of the “Obla Air” program, designed by the British Council as part of its cooperation with the ministry and SNRT, for teachers, learners and families, since its inception and broadcasting as part of the remote education process via television and radio during the lockdown period imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new program is part of a set of educational initiatives implemented jointly by the three parties, over the past two years, with the aim of offering digital resources for teaching and learning English for the benefit of teachers, pupils and Moroccan students.

This ceremony was also an opportunity to present the results of other educational initiatives and future programs, as part of the efforts made by the British Council and the said ministry in the field of education and the improvement of English teaching and learning, as well as the capacity building of educational staff.

This meeting also helped highlight the remote education approach adopted by the ministry and based on numerous free educational resources and a periodically updated digital offer.