In an extensive personnel mobility operation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates has announced the appointment of fifteen new Consuls General across various countries. This represents 25% of the total consular positions.

Boost in female representation

Notably, women now make up 33% of the newly appointed Consuls General, increasing the overall proportion of female Consuls General to 40%. This upward trend in female representation has been consistent, rising from 28% in 2022, to 37% in 2023, and now reaching 40% in 2024.

Promoting excellence and experience

In a move to promote merit and experience, 20% of the new positions have been awarded to Consuls General who have demonstrated success in their previous missions. This reflects a commitment to reward and advance those who excel in their roles.

Additionally, another 20% of the appointments went to former Consuls General who have served with distinction either at the Central Service or within Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts. This approach values their experience and leadership.

Balancing youth and experience

Aiming to blend fresh perspectives with proven expertise, 60% of the newly appointed Consuls General are taking on this role for the first time. This initiative ensures a dynamic and rejuvenated consular corps.

Diverse diplomatic backgrounds

Among the new appointees, 67% have previous consular experience, while the remaining 33% come from other areas within the diplomatic field. This diversity brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to the consular positions.