Morocco and Hungary have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in education and training on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed Friday in Rabat between the Ministry of Energy, Mining and the Environment and the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

It seeks to establish long-term cooperation between the two parties which undertake to work closely together to set up programs in the field of training and education, particularly in the areas of the development of basic and applied research, nuclear science and technology and regulation of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The two parties undertake, under this agreement, to develop local industrial capacity, through commercial cooperation between the suppliers of the two countries of goods and services and the development of exchange programs for students, professors and doctoral students between Moroccan and Hungarian universities with the participation of research institutes.

Speaking to MAP on this occasion, the Hungarian ambassador to Morocco, Miklós Tromler, welcomed the signing of this agreement between two member countries of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which will focus on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, but also on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. This memorandum, which is part of a long-standing bilateral cooperation, aims to train professionals in the sector and exchange good practices and information between universities, researchers, institutes and research centers, particularly in the field of crisis management, while emphasizing the peaceful aspect of nuclear energy, he said.

It also concerns “the development of nuclear and radiological technologies and the development of joint research to promote this beautiful cooperation between the two countries,” he added. Political and economic relations between Morocco and Hungary have always been “good” thanks to several high-level visits made by both sides, the diplomat underlined.