The creation of a digital platform dedicated to Moroccans living abroad (MRE) aims to deploy modern means of communication to serve the issues of an “important category” of Moroccans, said public prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, president of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, El Hassan Daki.

“This important initiative aims to deploy modern means of communication to serve the issues of an important category of our citizens who do not fail to join their country whenever the opportunity arises to consolidate their link with the Motherland, “said Daki in a speech read on his behalf by secretary general of the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hicham Balaoui, at the official launch of the digital platform of remote legal and judicial services for the benefit of the Moroccan expatriates.

He noted that “the choice of going to live far from the homeland can be dictated by many needs and noble objectives, such as the quest for knowledge, the search for work and the improvement of living conditions, but this option remains difficult and linked to multiple constraints and real difficulties and legal nature, including the problem of conflict of laws because of the presence of people in a foreign country and in a situation where the principle of territoriality of laws finds a wide scope”.

Many Moroccans around the world are unfortunately faced with certain problems that require them to resort to justice in order to seek redress, file a complaint or seek advice, “which brings us all to provide the necessary mechanisms to meet their needs, guide them and advise them, and this through advanced logistics and qualified human resources,” he said.

He also recalled that the interest of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to “Moroccan expatriates and their issues is not recent. It is a concern that accompanies us since the establishment of its structures and the establishment of its foundations,” noting that a specialized unit for the reception of complaints of the Moroccans living abroad was created, equipped with qualified human staff and technical means adapted to the requirements of digitalization and the provision of remote services.