This summer, the Moroccan National Railway Office (ONCF) is offering 350,000 discounted train tickets to encourage travel across the country. Tickets for the high-speed Al Boraq trains will start at 89 DH, while tickets for the Atlas trains will be available from 49 DH.

As part of the 2024 summer season, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is launching a large multimedia communication campaign aimed at domestic tourists. This co-marketing campaign, launched in partnership with ONCF, aims to stimulate domestic tourism, invigorate tourist destinations across the country, and promote mobility between regions. Travelers will benefit from numerous advantages, including promotional transport fares through the ONCF network.

To promote this summer offer, ONCF will market 350,000 tickets at very attractive prices, starting from 89 DH for the high-speed lines (LGV) Al Boraq and from 49 DH for the Atlas trains.

For a more targeted deployment of the campaign, ONMT will primarily use digital channels, especially social media, featuring four celebrities and influencers: Samia Akariou, Oussama Ramzi, Rachid Goudi, and Zineb Obeid. The campaign will also be visible on urban billboards in major destinations served by ONCF trains, as well as on national electronic media.

In addition to this unprecedented promotional effort, the two partners have launched a card called “Yalla Morocco,” which offers a 30% discount on all trips on Atlas and Al Boraq trains.

This initiative is part of a partnership initiated in 2021 with ONCF, aimed at meeting the needs of local tourists by leveraging ONCF’s extensive railway network and promoting travel among Moroccan tourists to various destinations.

Promoting domestic tourism

The strategic partnership between ONCF and ONMT is set to invigorate the tourism sector by making travel more affordable and accessible for Moroccan citizens. The discounted tickets are expected to encourage more people to explore the country, thereby boosting local economies in various tourist destinations.

Digital campaign

The focus on digital channels, particularly social media, reflects a modern approach to reach a wider audience effectively. By engaging popular influencers, the campaign aims to create a buzz and inspire more people to take advantage of the discounted travel fares. The visibility on urban billboards and electronic media ensures that the message reaches potential travelers across different platforms.

Additional benefits

The “Yalla Morocco” card is a significant addition to the campaign, offering travelers an additional incentive with a 30% discount on all journeys. This card not only promotes the use of trains but also supports the broader goal of increasing domestic tourism.