Nine tourist accommodation establishments have been built or put into service during the year 2020, as part of the reinforcement of the bedding capacity of the city of Fez.

With an overall cost of 118.9 million DH (MDH), these new tourist units will increase the tourist capacity of Fez by 184 additional beds, according to a report of the regional directorate of tourism, presented at the meeting of the prefectural council of Fez, held recently.

According to the management, about forty tourist accommodation establishments are under construction or study in the prefecture of Fez, which monopolizes more than 30pc of the number of tourism projects in the region.

These projects include classic hotels, tourist residences and guest houses.

The city of Fez, capital of the region, continues to play the role of “locomotive” of regional tourism by counting on the diversity of its heritage, human and natural potential. It has 116 tourist accommodation establishments, including 39 classified hotels. These tourist units cumulate more than 8,300 beds, including 73pc at the level of hotels.

As for classified restaurants, the prefecture of Fez has 35 units, in addition to 54 travel agencies, 122 tourist transport companies and 483 guides.

The region Fez-Meknes has more than 380 tourist accommodation facilities classified, all categories combined. The capacity of these units, which are spread over the nine prefectures and provinces of the region, is over 19,000 beds.