The Intelcia group celebrated, Thursday in Casablanca, its 20th anniversary, an opportunity to look back on its great achievements and years of ambition, meetings, challenges taken up and sharing, in total coherence with its values ​​“We Dream, We care, We Do ”

Founded in 2000, Intelcia has succeeded within two decades in transforming itself from a small and medium-sized Moroccan enterprise (SME) into a global player in outsourcing. Present today on 3 continents, Africa, Europe, and America, Intelcia has diversified its businesses even as it continues to expand its global footprint.

The company has thus decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary around 3 strong axes: Recognition, solidarity and transmission.

First of all, the recognition, towards the collaborators, those from the very beginning, and all those who have joined the Intelcia adventure over these 20 years. The Intelcia success story has always been written on a daily basis, thanks to their commitment, their achievements and their exceptional mobilization. They have all contributed to bringing the Group to its global outsourcing status.

The second axis concerns solidarity with the communities of the Intelcia ecosystem. As such, a partnership was signed with the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME) to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their higher education.

This partnership, which covers several student promotions, aims to give these young graduates every opportunity to develop skills and make their contribution to building the Morocco of tomorrow.

The last axis of this celebration is transmission. Intelcia has thus initiated the production of a book recounting the major stages of the Group’s development, its strategic choices, the opportunities and the challenges it has had to overcome.

The ultimate goal of this book is to transmit to the young generations, to entrepreneurs, an inspiring model of success, and to contribute to transmit by example a model of Moroccan success story open to the world and more particularly to the African continent, in a desire for South-South cooperation largely inspired by the dynamic initiated by Morocco.

Speaking on this occasion, the CEO of the Intelcia group, Karim Bernoussi, said in a statement that this celebration marks 20 years of challenges, fun, and experiences with employees, which has allowed the company to be what it is today.

Bernoussi also underlined that the company went through 3 stages, the first where it was an SME, with nearly 10 million euros of turnover, before becoming in 2010 a regional player, then settling in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2015, adding that the company is among the top 5 French-speaking outsourcers.

“The company has also diversified its linguistic capacity to go into new territories, in addition to diversification at the level of professions, in particular with digital marketing, which will allow Intelcia to be a global player and be able to achieve the ambitions it has set for itself ”, he noted.

For his part, the General Manager of the Intelcia Group, Youssef El Aoufir, said he was “extremely satisfied with the results of these 20 years”, noting that the company has grown at an incredible pace during this period, since only one site in Casablanca, to subsequently be present in 17 countries, with 56 sites and 30,000 employees.

He also informed that Intelcia is now present in 3 large markets, the French, Portuguese and American market, with the ambition of being a global player, both in terms of geographic presence and in terms of services provided to customers.

“We aim to become a global player and seek the bar of one million euros in turnover, to project ourselves to be a real company from Morocco, a multinational which is in competition with the largest global outsourcers” , he said.

A global player in outsourcing, Intelcia has supported its clients for 20 years in the outsourcing of their operations, combining talents, technologies and processes to offer a tailor-made service to national and international clients.

In order to allow its customers to focus on their challenges and core business, Intelcia offers a global Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore offer around 4 areas of solutions, customer relationship management, outsourcing of IT solutions, BPO (HR services, recruitment, payroll, financial services, collection, etc.) and digital services.

the Group currently has nearly 27,000 employees in 56 centers. Turnover at the end of 2020 amounts to nearly 360 million euros, with forecasts for 2021 of almost 500 million euros.