Police in the city of Rabat arrested, Friday, 33 individuals in flagrante delicto of violation of the state of health emergency, driving their cars in a spectacular and dangerous way that threatens the safety of road users.

Police patrols in charge of the implementation of the measures of the state of health emergency and the organization of the traffic had detected a group of road users who were driving dangerously and in a spectacular way in some boulevards of the city of Rabat, said a statement by the national police (DGSN), noting that the security field operations, which were conducted late in the evening, have resulted in the arrest of several drivers at the university campus Al Irfane, Hay Riad and Yaacoub Mansour and the seizure of cars used in these dangerous actions.

The arrested drivers were placed in custody as part of judicial investigations conducted by the competent judicial police, while the seized vehicles were impounded to complete the investigations conducted under the supervision of the competent prosecutor, the statement concluded.