The Autonomous Water and Electricity Distribution Authority of Marrakech (RADEEMA) has invested nearly 3 billion dirhams (MMDH) from 2014 to 2023, with over 360 million dirhams (MDH) invested in 2023 alone.

These figures were disclosed during RADEEMA’s Board of Directors meeting held on Thursday in Marrakech, attended by the wali of the Marrakech-Safi region, Farid Chourak.

During this meeting, RADEEMA’s General Director, Nadia El Hilali, presented the 2023 achievements, including financial statements, performance indicators, and investments made over the past decade. These investments have significantly developed the infrastructure, supporting Marrakech’s growth and providing high-quality services to residents and visitors.

The Board approved the official 2023 accounts, which were certified without reservations by the auditors. The meeting noted the significant improvement in technical, financial, commercial, and management performance indicators.

The Board also reviewed RADEEMA’s efforts to address the water crisis in Morocco, particularly in the Marrakech-Safi region, and the post-earthquake measures taken to restore water and electricity supplies to affected populations in the Al Haouz area.

The Board members commended RADEEMA’s sustained investment momentum, which has ensured the continuous delivery of electricity, potable water, liquid sanitation, and wastewater reuse services. Additionally, RADEEMA has improved governance, simplifying and digitizing customer relations.

Farid Chourak announced the creation of a Local Strategic Water Committee, led by RADEEMA, to gather all stakeholders in Marrakech’s potable water supply chain. This committee aims to implement measures to enhance water supply security by 2030.

In 2023, RADEEMA invested over 300 MDH to further strengthen Marrakech’s water, electricity, and sanitation infrastructure, ensuring universal access to these services, especially for underprivileged populations, and modernizing management and operational processes.

In its commitment to sustainable development, RADEEMA has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 75,000 tons and utilized sewage sludge in the construction sector. The authority has also mobilized over 32 million cubic meters of non-conventional water resources for green space irrigation and industrial use since 2012, promoting a culture of environmental and resource sustainability.

RADEEMA has also embraced innovation through the digitization of procedures, particularly in commercial services. The launch of the ROKHAS – Réseaux digital platform facilitates real estate developers and investors in obtaining project estimates. Additionally, a “Chat Bot” feature on all RADEEMA’s digital platforms provides customers with quick and easy access to various commercial information.

RADEEMA has maintained its certifications for NM ISO 27001, NM ISO 9001/2015, NM ISO 14001/2016, NM ISO 45001/2018, and renewed its accreditation for the potable water analysis laboratory. In 2023, RADEEMA also achieved ISO 37001 certification for anti-corruption measures.

Following the Al Haouz earthquake, RADEEMA diagnosed approximately 1,200 villages and camps to restore access to water, electricity, and sanitation services, deploying national teams to intervene in Marrakech and the provinces of Al Haouz and Chichaoua.