The immunization campaign launched in Morocco and in the world is at the origin of a flood of “fake news” posted by news sites and social networks. MAP sorts out the real and fake information for a better awareness.

– The Ministry of Health has recently published a treatment protocol for Covid-19 containing a set of measures to be followed in case of certain symptoms. FAKE

– Companies with which the Ministry of Health has concluded contracts are not declared and medical supplies and equipment acquired under Covid-19 contracts are not registered. FAKE

– The Chinese laboratory Sinopharm’s vaccine against COVID-19 is not effective against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. FAKE

– Vaccines promote the appearance of variants. FAKE

– The number of first-time vaccinees stands at 11,568,127, while the number of fully vaccinated persons (1st and 2nd doses) is 9,739,655. REAL

– People admitted to the intensive care units are in the over-50 age group who were supposed to have already been vaccinated. REAL

– Vaccination against Covid-19 prevents a tsunami of infections. REAL

– Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines maintain their effectiveness against the Delta variant. REAL