The COVID-19 epidemiological situation in the Kingdom is becoming worrying after the increase in the number of infections and active cases which have almost doubled during the past two weeks, in addition to the growing number of critical cases and the high occupancy rate of hospitals, said Thursday the Head of Government, Saad Dine El Otmani, calling for more vigilance and precaution.

Speaking at the opening of the Government Council, El Otmani stressed that given this development, the government has decided to once again hold its weekly meetings remotely to reaffirm the seriousness of the situation which must not suffer from any under-estimation and to give a strong and clear signal to citizens, says a statement issued by at the end of the Council.

On this occasion, he once again called on citizens, institutions and actors to increase efforts and remain vigilant, through compliance with the necessary precautionary measures with a view to avoiding any relapse as it is the case in several countries.

In this regard, the Minister of Health presented a note in which he affirms that on the basis of the analysis of figures and data on the epidemiological situation, it is necessary to continue to respect the precautionary measures issued by public authorities.

El Otmani recalled the adoption during the last Council of Ministers, chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, of several important texts, including two draft framework laws on two major reforms.

These are the draft framework law relating to tax reform and the framework draft law relating to the reform of public establishments and enterprises, he said, noting that these texts are drawn up in application of the High Royal Instructions contained in royal speeches. Morocco, under the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, enjoys great respect and esteem from all of its international partners thanks to its experience in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and its approach to address the health, economic and social challenges triggered by the pandemic.

El Otmani recalled the launch of the operation for the return of Moroccans living abroad + Marhaba 2021+, noting that this operation was marked by the mobilization of all stakeholders, in application of the High Instructions of HM the King, in order to facilitate the return of Moroccans living abroad to the country. This initiative has had a positive impact on Moroccans living abroad, he said, calling on all stakeholders to continue cooperation to ensure the success of this operation.