Marking a significant milestone in its international expansion, Saudi Arabian fintech company EdfaPay has obtained a license to operate in Morocco.

Innovative payment solutions for Morocco

EdfaPay plans to introduce its innovative payment solutions, such as mobile payment terminals (SoftPOS) and online payment gateways, to simplify and secure financial transactions for Moroccan merchants and consumers.

CEO’s vision for expansion

“Our entry into the Moroccan market is a crucial step for EdfaPay as we expand into new territories,” stated Ghormallah Al-Ghamdi, CEO of EdfaPay. “We aim to provide cutting-edge financial technologies to Moroccan businesses and consumers, enhancing their transaction experience and contributing to the local economy,” he added.

Strengthening global presence

Already active in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Latin America, and Tunisia, EdfaPay solidifies its position in the fintech sector with this new Moroccan license. The company seeks to establish strong partnerships and contribute to the growth and financial stability of the Moroccan market while enhancing its global footprint.