Since its founding in 1964 by Mohamed Aziz Cherif Alami, Investour Group has adapted to market fluctuations while maintaining its core values of service and innovation. The group began its tourism activities by creating Atlas Voyages, quickly becoming a pioneer and leader in Moroccan tourism. Over the decades, it has diversified its presence and expanded its brand portfolio with companies such as Atlas Rider for tourist transport, the hotel brand Valeria, We Mice You for corporate event organization, Fractalite for digital transformation, and most recently, Investour Hospitality, dedicated to hotel management.

“Our story is a true Moroccan success story. For 60 years, we have evolved to meet market challenges and seize opportunities while staying true to our values of quality and innovation. We are proud of our heritage and determined to continue on this path,” said Othman Cherif Alami, President of Investour Group.

Rooted deeply in Morocco, Investour Group integrates hospitality, travel, transport, and leisure, creating unparalleled synergy and offering a comprehensive experience to its clients.

Cap 2030: Ambitious and strategic goals

Investour Group’s strategic plan, “Cap 2030,” is built around three fundamental pillars, each carrying an ambitious and innovative program. This plan incorporates emerging global trends in the tourism sector while meeting the ever-growing and diverse expectations of customers.

Quality and excellence: Investour Group is committed to maintaining high standards of quality across all its establishments. This includes continuous staff training, the use of advanced technologies to enhance services, and the implementation of feedback programs to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Innovation and technology: In the digital age, Investour Group integrates advanced hotel management systems to optimize operations and improve the customer experience. Artificial intelligence will be used to personalize services offered to clients, creating tailor-made stays. Additionally, the adoption of digital solutions such as mobile apps, contactless check-ins, and electronic payments aims to provide a smooth and modern customer experience.

Sustainability and social responsibility: Sustainability is at the heart of Investour Group’s strategy. This includes promoting ecological practices such as the use of renewable energy, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. The group is also committed to preserving biodiversity and minimizing the environmental footprint of its operations. Furthermore, Investour Group collaborates closely with NGOs and local communities to support sustainable development initiatives, ensuring that the economic benefits of its activities also benefit local populations.

Investour hospitality: A new era in hotel management

Investour Hospitality is the new flagship brand of Investour Group, dedicated to hotel management. Its creation embodies the group’s ambition, making hospitality the cornerstone of its Cap 2030 Strategic Plan.

Leveraging six decades of success, expertise, and experience in the tourism sector, along with its deep understanding of the local market and ability to anticipate customer expectations, Investour Hospitality aims to become a leading player in hotel management in Morocco. It seeks to establish a strong local identity, known for service excellence, constant innovation, and a commitment to sustainable development.

“Investour Hospitality represents a significant milestone in our journey. We are firmly committed to innovating and providing unmatched hotel experiences to our clients while promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices. We invite our partners to join us in realizing this ambitious vision and transforming the future of hospitality in Morocco,” said Karim Cherif Alami, President of Investour Hospitality.

Investour Hospitality offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire value chain of hotel management, including asset management, project management assistance, hotel operations, revenue management, development and rebranding, operations, and sales and marketing. It adopts a hybrid and innovative operational mode, combining its own brands and hotel franchises. With strategic partnerships with global operators and strong Moroccan brands such as Valeria for the Hotel Clubs segment, Investour Hospitality is committed to creating new brands in the urban hotels and authentic hospitality segments. One of its flagship projects is the Aquaparc Palmya Splash in Marrakech, offering a unique experience with its pools and certified tennis courts.

Promising growth prospects

In 2024, the global tourism sector is experiencing a solid recovery, returning to pre-pandemic levels. Morocco, with its 15 million international visitors and a 20% increase compared to 2023, benefits from this global dynamic. The co-organization of the 2030 World Cup with Spain and Portugal also brings unprecedented international visibility, attracting millions of additional visitors and justifying massive investments in infrastructure.

In this favorable context, Morocco plans to build and renovate more than 40,000 hotel rooms by 2030. This represents a significant opportunity for Investour Hospitality, which aims to capitalize on this momentum to strengthen its presence and leadership in the Moroccan hotel market. Investour Group thus anticipates significant growth, creating new employment opportunities and stimulating the economy. The “Cap 2030” strategic plan reflects the group’s commitment to maintaining its values while exploring new avenues for sustainable and inclusive growth. The group recently unveiled its new strategic plan, “Cap 2030,” during a press conference marking its 60th anniversary.